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Get the history bug!


We interrupt your normal schedule to inform you there has been an outbreak of the history bug!

Hundreds are flocking to getthebug,scot to purchase our 18 months for the price of 12 membership offer. Have you been infected?  Don’t worry once have the bug you will love it and given it’s the Easter Holidays it’s the best time to catch the history bug… we have lots of events planned to keep you entertained!

Once you’ve been struck by the history bug there’s no going back – actually that’s not true, you’ll be going back all the time. Scotland’s rich history, amazing castles and unmissable events make the history bug something everyone will want to catch. 

Family visiting Jedburgh Abbey
Classic symptoms of the history bug include:

Free access to more than 300 properties across Scotland.

Free entry to over 400 daytime events a year.

Linlithgow Palace Spectacular Jousting
A 20% discount in our shops and a 10% discount in our cafes.

Membership is the best way to discover Scotland’s 5,000 years of history – so join up and get exploring. Spread the bug and tell your friends! #getthebug 

Terms and conditions apply. Offer valid until the 30th April 2017. Direct Debit only. Terms and conditions apply.


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