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Industrial Heritage


Now that we say hello to May we welcome our new themed month of ‘Industrial Heritage’ for the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology.

Not sure if it is just me but when I think of Industrial Heritage, it takes me back to my school years studying the Industrial Revolution and the development of the steam engine. There is of course a lot more which marked this period …

Industrialisation marked the shift to special- purpose machinery, factories and overall mass production especially within the iron and textile industries/mills. It changed Britain from a predominantly rural society to an urban way of life. With this transition the revolution also created a mass of problems from overcrowding, ill health, pollution and overall poor working conditions. Workers also included young children and women. Health and safety was not a key element of working life like it is today!

Here are some of our sites which flourished during the Industrial Revolution:

Exterior picture of Stanley Mills
Stanley Mills

exterior picture of Dallas Dhu Historic Distillery
Dallas Dhu Historic Distillery

Exterior image of New Abbey Corn Mill
New Abbey Cornmill

Picture of Bonawe Historic Iron Furnace
Bonawe Historic Iron Furnace

A picture of Kinnaird Head Castle Lighthouse and Museum
Kinnaird Head Castle and Lighthouse and the Museum of Scottish Lighhouses

Have you visited these sites? Celebrate this month with us and follow our #HistoricItinerary for our Industrial History Trail #HHA2017


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